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MarketEd NOT Live - MarketEd.Live EPISODE 8, 28th December 2020
Customer Experience: Victoria Taylor
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Customer Experience: Victoria Taylor

We’re back for episode 8 and today we are being treated to some time with the fantastic Victoria Taylor, friend of the show, karaoke extraordinaire and all-round experience expert. Victoria will be taking us through the world of the experiential, covering everything from your customers’ purchase experience to your invoicing experience for your clients.  

Victoria is a customer experience consultant who has consulted boutique businesses, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. She works with brands to make sure every experience with your company matters. She combines the physical and digital worlds to bring customers and clients the best experience possible at every moment, and believes that if you make people matter, your brand will matter to them. 

What you will learn... 

  • Why you should care about experience 
  • What is meant by combining the physical and digital world 
  • How experience has changed with the pandemic and the shift to digital 
  • How Victoria made a food brand’s Zoom launch both physical and digital to make it a more immersive experience 
  • How sending out post or packages could be the secret to success in experience 
  • Why it’s important to take the time to dream and think differently 
  • How everybody within the business is responsible for the experience 
  • How your invoices could be so much more than just asking for money 
  • How the small, everyday acts impact your relationships and revenue 
  • How James Timpson is the main man when it comes to experience 
  • How experience is changing so rapidly 

Resources mentioned in the show... 


If you would like to get hold of Victoria to discuss how she could boost the experience you offer, the best way to do so is on her social channels. Get the conversation started on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram, she’ll always reply as well, because if she didn’t that would not be a good experience.