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Implementing EOS for Business Excellence: Insights from Core Group's Founder/ Christian Brim
Episode 26th September 2023 • The Oklahoma Business Show • Chris Moroz
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In this episode, Chris Moroz interviews Christian Brim, the founder and CEO of Core Group, an Oklahoma-based accounting firm, as he shares his 26-year journey in building the company and the lessons he's learned. They discuss the transformative power of defining a clear target market while emphasizing the importance of self-awareness as an entrepreneur and the value of dedicating time to exploration and growth.

Christian further emphasizes the significance of trust in an organization's culture and how he implemented the Entrepreneur's Operating System (EOS) to improve their business. He shares the lessons from past failures and the importance of being aware of self-deception as an entrepreneur.

Tune in and learn!

Key Highlights

[00:50] Christian's background

[03:14] Why Christian decided to take on some clients separately

[04:46] How Christina keeps certain aspects separate while aligning with the company's main principles

[08:26] Self-growth, awareness, recognizing missed opportunities for change, and addressing blind spots

[10:18] Perry Marshall's concept of "Renaissance Time."

[14:26] Exploring the business pivot towards a specific industry niche and its adoption process

[19:01] The impact of COVID-19 on the acceptance of virtual service providers

[20:37] Perry Marshall's Definitive Sales Proposition (DSP) vs. Unique Sales Proposition (USP)

[25:32] How Christian nurtured and sustained his company’s culture

[29:01] The impact of aligning company values with the leader's values

[36:01] Some of the strategies that did not work for Christian

[43:32] One piece of technology Christian can't live without

Notable Quotes

● One of the things he talks about is Renaissance time. And it's this concept that you must intentionally set aside time in your day or week to explore those things, and how powerful that time, even though it's a small amount of time proportionate to what you do the rest of the week, you know, driving your long-term success.

● In the normal course, you, as an individual and certainly as a business owner, gravitate to those things where the outcome of your efforts is known, whether or not that's necessarily productive. It's a known factor. You know, if you do X, you get Y and the Renaissance time is really about spending time where you don't have any idea what the outcome is going to be.

● It takes a conscious choice to set your mind and set your time aside to explore.

● The real purpose of a target market in the EOS world is to define what you're going to spend time, money, and energy on attracting, not necessarily a litmus test to say if somebody that comes to you organically is not in that target market, that you can't take care of them, that's not the purpose.

● Values persist beyond what you do, how, or who you do it with. Values don't change over time.

● The values of the company cannot, cannot, and are not distinct from the leader of the owner of the organization. In other words, you can't come up with these values that other people hold that are antithetical to you that doesn't work.


Feel free to contact Christian at if you have any questions or want to learn more about Core Group.

You can also visit their website at to explore their services and discover how we can help your business succeed.


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