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The 5 Major Differences in Millionaire Thinking
Episode 63rd May 2022 • The Millionaire Road • Dr. Doug Firebaugh
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Millionaires just think different. Either they grew up with that thinking or they developed it themselves. It takes effort but you can develop it and it will change your life.

Millionaire Thinking carries with it many differences but these are what I call the big 5.

What do you think are the Big 5 Differences in Millionaire Thinking?

a. Awareness of Possibilities around them the Average seem to Miss.

b. Not Connected to Group Think but to their Own Dreams and success with them.

c. The Pattern and Power of their Thinking Commands the Environment and Atmosphere of any gathering and any meeting.

d. They think Vertically and not Horizontally.

e. They Never participate in Negative Thinking especially with others.

BONUS: Their Thinking carries a Never Fit In Focus as they know they never will fit in.



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