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CEO Mindset: Transforming Your Approach to Business
Episode 3548th July 2024 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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In this empowering episode I dove into the importance of showing up as the CEO of your business. I share insights on making decisive, confident decisions that align with your vision and goals. Drawing from my personal experiences and recent speaking engagements, I also offer actionable strategies to help business owners take charge and steer their ventures toward success. Whether you're a course creator, membership owner, or coach, this episode will inspire you to embrace your role as the leader of your business.  


  1. Embrace Your Role as CEO: I discuss the mindset shift required to view yourself as the CEO of your business, regardless of its size. Emphasizing the importance of owning your decisions and actions to drive your business forward.
  2. Defining Your Success: It's crucial to define what success looks like for you personally and professionally. I encourage listeners to set their own standards and goals without feeling the need to justify them to others.
  3. Taking Responsibility: Reflect on both your successes and failures by taking full responsibility for your business outcomes. Highlighting the significance of acknowledging your role in every aspect of your business to foster growth and improvement.
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If I was to ask you, if you were showing up as the CEO of your business, what would you think? What would your answer be? Would you think, don't be ridiculous, Teresa, it's just me and my business. I'm hardly a CEO. Or would that immediately make you think of, you know, men in suits running massive businesses? In today's episode, I share with you why you want to show up and become the CEO of your business and what that means when you make decisions in your business. This episode is going to give you a lot to think about, and also it's going to give you the confidence to go out there and get what you want. So get ready. Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Your Dream Business Podcast. How are you doing this week? Okay, so I feel like. I want to talk about a couple of things and at the moment in my head it feels a bit disjointed so I really hope it all comes together to make a nice, succinct, powerful, impactful episode but there's no promises, that's all I'm saying. So there's a couple of things that have been making me think recently. Firstly, I have been speaking at a ton of events. So in the last few weeks [00:02:00] I spoke at three different conferences. One of them was Atomicon where I ended up doing a three hour workshop and then the next day doing a Normal session and then I came home for a day and then I was up in Newcastle I went down to London and I did a session for Kajabi at their UK conference and then the following week I did a session for a IT Conference in Birmingham. And the reason I bring all this up not to just go how busy if I've been with conferences. They've been like buses, nothing for ages and then three come along at once. But the reason I bring it up is because I've had loads of conversations with people recently about business, themselves, confidence, sabotage, becoming more visible, all different things around business. And, and it's just made me think a whole lot about a few things and a few concepts that I want to bring up to you. And this is also perfect timing because last week in the club, we did a mindset session about becoming the CEO in your [00:03:00] business and what that means. So it's kind of a combination of all of those things that I want to bring together in this episode, but I do think there's got to be some really key messages to take as a business owner and a couple of exercises that I'd like you to think about doing that I got to do with my members. Also now would be a really good time to mention that if you want to work with me, the club is one of the most cost effective ways in which you get to work with me and you get to work with me directly. So the club is a community for business owners that want to drive their business forward. It is made up of various different activities. These activities include mindset sessions, which are so powerful and tend to give The biggest ahas and breakthroughs, they are coaching calls, we do coaching calls every month where you get to come on a group call with me and ask me questions directly and I get to understand your business and find out more about you. You get to do either what I'm calling, which is a [00:04:00] terrible name, T's templates, terrible name. I need to come up with a better one. But basically that's where I take you behind the scenes of my business and I show you how I plan my podcast, what I do in Asana, how I manage my content. How I bring on team members. So basically, how did I build my six figure business. You get to understand that too. We also bring in guest experts and we can do challenges as well. We don't do them every single month, but we choose either a template, a guest expert, or a challenge. Well, the reason we don't do a guest expert or a training every month is because in my head, you don't need more courses. What I think has happened is we all think that there's a course out there that's going to suddenly make us hugely successful or is going to give us the magic trick that we didn't know about and that isn't the case. The case is you've probably got access to all the things that you need and if you're in the club then you definitely have because we have a ton of courses in there already but I actually tell people not to just go off and start working your way through them but to come on a [00:05:00] coaching call with me and I will direct you to the thing that's going to be most useful to you at this point. And that might be a mindset session, or it might be just the coaching call. And then what we also have is implementation. So. One of the things I'm really keen at is accountability and action. So let's make sure that you are actually doing the work because that's what's going to drive your business forward. Not buying another course. That sounds really harsh, but I wanted to mention that. If you do want to work with me, come and take a look at the club. You can actually join the club for an entire year. So that's 12 months of coaching with me in a group setting for only, $2,222. So if you're in the UK, that's about £2,000 probably a little bit less actually. So honestly, the club is an absolute bargain way to work with me, to get some coaching with me, to do some mindset stuff, and also to be part of this such a beautiful community. I really do have the best people in my world. I am very, very lucky. So yeah. So [00:06:00] if you want to work with me and you've been thinking about it and maybe some of the higher touch things have just been a little bit out of the budget at the moment, then the club is definitely the place to come and start. So if you had to, you can find that everything there and you can sign up. Okay. So let's talk about today's episode. We're going to be talking about being the CEO of your business. And the very first thing I want to talk about is that phrase. Because sometimes that phrase can conjure up like the weirdest thing for me in terms of like, I'm imagining a man in a suit being the CEO like it just that the CEO of your business kind of doesn't resonate with me sometimes, but it's the example I'm going to use in terms of getting us to think about stepping up in our business. Because even though you may not feel like a CEO, and I don't feel like a CEO lots of times when I'm literally doing the bits and bobs in the business, we are the CEOs of our business, we are the people who are running our business, and we are the ones who are going to be able to drive it forward. [00:07:00] So one of the things that I really hope that I do, and one of my main aims, is to empower business owners to get so clear on what they want, that they almost become bloody minded, right? And I really, I keep using this phrase because this is how I feel this year. I feel absolutely so clear on my direction. I don't feel like I could be swayed in the sense of, I don't feel like shiny object syndrome is going to come and bite me on the backside because we all know that happens. We all know that we have a plan. We think we want this. And then someone says, Oh, you should do something on Tik TOK or you should change your podcast or you should do something else. And we can get sort of pulled in every direction, and that sometimes isn't why we're hitting our goals and why we're reaching our goals, because if we're getting pulled off in every direction, imagine, you know, it's like a plane or a boat being one degree off course and ending up in an entirely [00:08:00] different place compared to where you thought you were going to be. So that's why we need to be so clear. And my job is to not only help business owners get abundantly clear on what it is that they want and what's important to them, but also give them the confidence, the courage and empower them to go after that thing. So this is the kind of concept that I'm trying to talk about today. When I'm talking about the CEO of your business, It's about saying, okay, this is my business and I get to decide what I do in it. And before I go to the exercises, I just want to mention something that actually I did on my Instagram. I went live the other day. I actually also went live showing you my garden, but that's different content altogether. I went live the other day talking about this, but basically the concept of this was you get to choose your definition of success and your business. So you get to choose whether that means working three days a week, [00:09:00] who that means working with, how hard you work, what you do in your business, who you work with in your business and how much money you want to earn. And I say this because I want you to understand that you do not owe an explanation to anybody. And I'm going to say that again, you get to decide 100 percent what you want in your business and how you want it to look. and you do not have to explain yourself to anyone why you want it that way. So this year, after getting sober, I have really big aspirations for myself and my business, more than I've ever had, I think. And I guess the difference is, I guess I've always had those aspirations, but I guess I never believed it as much as I believe it now. Because obviously I was dealing with so much stuff and an addiction and my own self integrity and dealing with myself that I never quite maybe believed that I could have what I wanted, whereas now I am [00:10:00] one million percent head down, focused on it, want to create this, this business that I want. And that actually means money for me. That means there are lots of things to it, but actually one of my massive goals is earning a lot more money this year. And I want to do that and I am not going to apologize for wanting to do that and neither should you. So whether it is you want six or seven figures, and I know there's a whole thing and I've talked about it before about the sleaziness of, you know, six figure launch, seven figure launch. But actually, one of the things that I talked about in that live I did was. When I said some of that stuff, I feel like that said more about me than about the other people. Now, I don't like sleazy selling. I don't like selling the dream where it's necessarily not as easy as they're making out. That I am still very clear on. That I am still very confident about. However, I think in the past where I might have sort of said some things or felt like, you know, I [00:11:00] don't do it that way. And that's, I don't even know that I ever said that's not the way to do it, but. I guess I felt like I had strong opinions on stuff, although I do think that I wasn't very vocal about it, which I'm very grateful for, but me having those strong opinions was actually nothing to do with them. It was everything to do with me. I did not feel happy in myself. I did not feel confident in myself. I did not feel Like, I was doing a great job because I wasn't, because everything was a mess, and therefore, because of that, it was much easier, and one of the things I talk about in the self sabotage training that I've done, and I did literally last week, is one of the ways we self sabotage is joining in and creating drama. So when we're going, oh, you see, so and so, they're doing this, oh, who do they think they are? That is so much about us. That is not about them at all, because it's so much easier to look at other people and be like, who do you think you are or look at you or can't believe they're doing this then actually to stop and [00:12:00] look at ourselves for five minutes and go, are we happy with what we're doing and how we're showing up and what we're achieving? That is so much more of a thing and so much harder to do than it is just to look at someone else and create drama or say stuff about them. I really hope this is helping and I really hope this is, you can take my mistakes and the things that I did and the things that I wasn't good at and you can actually maybe be better than I was than that. And, and the funny thing is I do not feel any shame. I mean, I didn't do anything mean. I wasn't horrible, but I just know in my head I was like, it was so much easier to look at other people and think that they were doing it wrong than actually look at my own stuff. And I don't feel shame about that, I don't feel sorry about that because I was a very unwell person, I was battling with an addiction, I was trying to be so vulnerable and so honest, but deep down knowing I wasn't being either of those things, because the [00:13:00] one biggest thing in my world was I had an addiction and I wasn't honest about it. Not even to myself. So, so I don't, I don't feel angry or annoyed at myself. I feel genuinely sorry and I am so glad I'm out the other side and I am so glad that I can see this now for what it was. That it wasn't me having a problem with someone earning six or seven figures. The problem was how I felt about me and me not earning seven figures. So, I'm kind of coming at it from two parts. The one part is, you get to decide what's important to you and you don't have to justify that or explain that to anybody. And they don't have to agree with you. Someone doesn't have to agree with you. If you say, I want to earn seven figures, someone else can go, well, that's not important to me. And that's absolutely fine. And also, you get to choose, and they get to choose, Whether you still wanna be in someone's life. So since I have made this decision, well, I haven't even made the conscious decision, but this, since I've woken up and I've really started to go, okay, let's do this. I'm ready [00:14:00] to absolutely crush it. That has changed some of the people in my world and that has moved some of the people in my world out. And I didn't want that. And I don't love it, but it's the right thing for them. And they are making the decision that actually, you know. They can step out of my world because that doesn't fit with them anymore or they don't agree not agree, but that's just not a priority to them anymore. And the thing with me is I will never even though I might want to go after something I will never say you have to do that like I said my job is to help you understand what you want and empower you to go and get it. And Like I said to make sure that you are not offering up an explanation to anybody that has a problem with it You don't have to do that. So it's okay for people not to agree with you And some won't, and some won't like the way you're showing up, as they haven't liked, some people haven't liked how I've shown up. And also, getting sober, and it seems ridiculous, why would someone not like the fact that I've got sober and become more ambitious, and want to achieve more? Well, I don't know, and that's a lot down to them and not down to [00:15:00] me. So it's okay if people don't love your decision. As long as you're not going out there to be mean, which I know full well you wouldn't be because you're in my world and you're not that sort of person and neither am I. So I've never done anything to purposely upset or offend or, you know, put people off me. That is the last thing I'd want to do. However, Some people just won't be on board with that because that's not their world and they don't want it and that is absolutely fine. Because you're not doing that for them, you're doing this for you. So if that does happen, we just have to go, it's making space for other people who do align with who we are and how we want to show up in the world. And like I said, some people will not like that you are showing up better. Some people really prefer it when you are messed up and not as successful as you are. And, and like I said, all that is to do with where they are. And on the reverse, I just want to say, and like I said, I can come from real experience on this. But if you are looking at other [00:16:00] people and you are going, I don't know who the hell they think they are, or I can't believe they're doing this, or you are creating drama and you are going to other people and going, look at so and so and what they're doing. Aren't they ridiculous? Then again, we have to go, is that, is that me? Is that a problem with me? Because it absolutely was a problem with me in the past. Maybe we need to step out of our own judgment and view that they're doing the best they can and they're doing the thing that is most important to them. So. It was kind of a weird, this isn't necessarily what I talked about on the, on my mindset session or not in this in detail, but it really does kind of set you up for the kind of task that I did in the mindset session. So one of the things that I talked about, and this is a hard concept for me to be totally on board with, but it is...




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