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How to build an authentic foundation for a soul-led life with Emily Alderson
Episode 278th June 2022 • Living Free & Fulfilled • Katie Bock
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You come into this world aligned with your soul then life happens. Throughout all life’s moments your brain and body form pathways, beliefs and protective mechanisms, which can all be great when they serve you. Its when those pathways, beliefs and protective mechanisms no longer serve you that you lose yourself. Emily and Katie discuss how to build a foundation that aligns with you and supports you in staying aligned with your soul. Your foundation is unique to you and is built from within. In this episode you will hear astrology, neuroscience and soul talk to inspire your soul-led life!


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Consider what step you can take to build an authentic foundation that will support you in living your life led by your soul. If you are feeling up for sharing tag us in a post or story on Instagram or Facebook tell us what your first step will be! (@katiebockyoga @hello.emily.alderson)


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