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Inside Criminal Psychology with Dr. Leslie Dobson
Episode 1624th November 2023 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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My guest is Dr. Leslie Dobson. She is a forensic and clinical psychologist who has worked in very dangerous environments throughout the years.

Dr. Dobson has spent over 20 years in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders in individual and group therapy, and criminal and civil law.

She now has a private practice, using her education and training from working in a prison, a state mental hospital, and treating high-risk sex offenders just released from prison as a psychologist. She works today mostly with first responders like police and fireman with PTSD and testifies in civil litigations.

Her experience ranges from mild life adjustments to severe and persistent mental health struggles. Half her practice focuses on evidence-based clinical intervention for trauma. The other half is focused on civil litigation and personal injury, assessing the validity and truthfulness and post-injury emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning.

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