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Transformational Movement Experiences Through Community with Jules Bakshi
Episode 158th March 2019 • This Thing Called Movement • Evolna
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Jules Bakshi is a dancer, choreographer, holistic personal trainer, and a newly minted business owner. Her new movement/dance/fitness studio, GOOD MOVE, will be opening in Williamsburg Brooklyn spring 2019, where she is weaving together the movement experiences and practices that have had the greatest transformative affect in her life. She seeks to not only deliver these mediums to the public in a welcoming and nourishing manner, but also to create a supportive community that helps everyone step into the best version of themselves. 

Jules is an incredibly intelligent, talented, and intuitive woman. She lives her life with fierce conviction in service to her friends, her family, and her clientele, and I am so honored that she came onto the podcast to share her journey and experiences surrounding movement. I hope you all enjoy the conversation we created here as we unpacked our mutual love for movement together. 

To connect further with Jules directly or to visit GOOD MOVE, you can head over to the following websites and Instagram accounts listed below:

Jules Bakshi




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