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Sex and Sarrah Rose - Sarrah Rose EPISODE 5, 12th January 2020
Episode 5: PRIMAL SEX
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Episode 5: PRIMAL SEX

The Sarrah Rose Story, Epsiode 5 – Primal Sex

The Sarrah Rose Story continues with this episode on the pivotal topic of Primal Sex. Discover why Professor Sarrah says, “Nothing is much better than primal sex” and why tapping into our primal sex allows us to experience the full range of sexual expression and wholeness. We learn what primal sex actually is, the role archetypes play in it, Sarrah’s path to primal sex, and the key to tapping into it. We enjoy “Story time with Sarrah” and the “Ask Professor Sarrah Mailbag” segment with questions about heterosexual anal sex, experiencing post-sex shame, plus so much more!

Adult content. NSFW or children. Totally suitable for men and women who desire healthy and holistic sex lives.