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Exploring the relationship between Conventional Medicine and Complementary Therapy with Dr Minha Rajput-Ray & Lucy Peel, MSc
19th October 2020 • The Natural Healthcare Network • Deb MacLeod
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Thank you for listening to my podcast with Dr Minha Rajput-Ray and Lucy Peel. 

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray is an Integrated Lifestyle Medicine Physician. Lucy Peel has an MSc in Nutritional Therapy and her BSc in Naturopathy. 

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray is an Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Registered Osteopath and Naturopath. This is a unique combination bridging the best of conventional medicine and holistic modalities. She focuses on Pain, Chronic Disease and Work Health, builds on the past 20 years of expertise (having trained in London, Dundee, a highly coveted NIHR (Walport) Academic Clinical Fellowship in Rheumatology, at the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge). 

 She also serves as Medical Director of a nutrition education think tank and continues to contribute to global health work under the auspices of ICOH (International Commission on Occupational Health, WHO and International Labour Organisation partnerships).

She has been able to implement this approach 'as a proof of concept' and successfully implemented this alongside standard medical care. Her experience is in the care of Corporate and Finance employees, NHS workers, Public Services (Teachers, Higher and Further Education staff, Law Enforcement Agencies - Police, Armed Forces, Probation Service), the Safety Critical Sector, Logistics (Road, Rail and Offshore), Heavy industry manufacturing, and Charitable Sector (including SMEs and Social Enterprises). 

The outcomes of this include increased productivity, reduced sickness absence and sustainable wellness via a healthy ageing approach in managing health related disability. Integrated Medicine can indeed save Lives and Livelihoods!

You can find more details on Dr Minha on LinkedIn: (

Lucy Peel, MSc  

Registered Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist 

National Practitioner Consultant in the UK for BioMedica Nutraceuticals, an Australian owned practitioner only supplement company.

Lucy graduated from the University of Westminster in Naturopathy in 2010 and has been in practice as a therapist since. She completed her Masters in Nutritional Therapy in 2017. In 2017 she also joined the team at BioMedica Nutraceuticals and works to support the practitioner community for them in the UK with training and case support.

Lucy practices as a naturopath from Frome Medical Practice in Somerset and from Neal’s Yard in Bath. She runs juice cleanse retreats and wellness weekends throughout the year from a beautiful private home on the Isle of Wight near Newtown Creek. She is also on the committee for her governing body, the General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN). 

You can find Lucy on the following social media platforms: 


Instagram: @naturopathyforhealth


Lucy’s website:

Thank you again, Dr Minha and Lucy for joining me on the show. 


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Thank you for listening. 

Here’s wishing you all good health!