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Level Up Your Product Listings and Marketing
Episode 5423rd January 2023 • The Creative Teacher Podcast • Kirsten Hammond
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Are you looking to level up your product listings and marketing?

This podcast episode is all about how to take your product listings to the next level. Learn how your sales can improve with optimization and repurposing for marketing!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • 3 common misconceptions about product listings and marketing on TPT 
  • 4 tips to level up your product listings and marketing

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Kirsten 0:00

you're listening to the creative teacher podcast, a show for busy teachers looking for ways to engage, inspire and make an impact in their teacher businesses. I'm Kiersten, a teacher business owner who is all about simple and actionable tips, strategies and resources that result in wins, big or small. If you're looking for that extra spark of creativity, you've come to the right place. Let's dive in together.

Podcast. I'm hoping that your:

So anyway, today's topic is all about leveling up your show stopper game, we are doing another analogy related to the Great British Bake Off. And again, totally recommend that you watch. Even my son is like my three year old, he is also kind of interested in it. So I think it's really cute. I am going to relate the show stopper challenge to product listings and marketing for TPT.

If you're not sure what the show stopper is, this is the very last of the three challenges. This is where the bakers will show off their skills and talent. The judges favor a bake that has a professional appearance, but also is outstanding in flavors. So you gotta have both. And in the same way, the show stopper as far as TPT is basically how you are putting everything together in a cohesive style wowing your audience. And this in turn can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales. So what you do with your product listings and what you do to market your resources outside of TPT and inside of TPT makes a huge difference.

Today, I'm going to share with you three product listing and marketing myths, as well as tips to level up your show stopper game. I'm going to give you four tips today.

All right. So number one myth number one is that you have to be on every social media platform to do well. And that is absolutely not true. I have tried all of them. And I can assure you that there are some social media platforms that do much better for me in my business than others. I actually just started on Instagram. That's what I originally started with just having an Instagram. Then I added on Facebook, and then I had Pinterest and then I had a even a tic toc and a clubhouse. And I quickly realized that I don't need to be on all of those platforms simultaneously. In fact, it's probably best to lean into what's working. Maybe initially you might want to like kind of dabble a little bit to see what gains the most traction for you and your niche and then pull back. But I would really start with the low hanging fruit. What do you feel the most comfortable with in your personal life? Are you on Instagram more? Or are you on Facebook more? Is it beneficial to just have your Facebook group with a bunch of teachers in there or is it more beneficial to just kind of have an Instagram account and go from there. So it is not true that you have to be on all the social for media platforms, it really just depends on the preference of the TPT seller and also just what works best for your business. Some people are giants in the Pinterest realm. And they lead into that, even though Pinterest is not technically a social media platform, but that's what they lean into. Some people really utilize Twitter, some people really utilize Facebook groups, and they get a great amount of conversions that way. So it just kind of at first, if you're just starting out, you might have to test some things out, but initially start with what you feel the most comfortable with.

The second myth is that you don't need previews, or thumbnails. And that is another big myth. Here's a statistic directly from TPT 62% of buyers say previews have the biggest impact on their decision to purchase. And a lot of people say that they will not purchase a resource that doesn't have a preview. This doesn't only include individual smaller resources, but it also includes a larger bundles or larger resources. Previews really do make a difference. Thumbnails are also a no brainer, you should make sure you utilize most, if not all of thumbnail images, there's up to four, you have the product cover, and then you have the three subsequent thumbnail images, make sure you utilize all of that.

The third myth is that your product cover needs to be super informative, so people know what the product includes. And this sounds like yeah, it seems make sense, you should be informative, but actually, less is more on product covers, you do not have to add in a whole bunch of wording on your cover. That's what the thumbnails in the previews are for. You want them to click on it, that's the purpose of a product cover is to get them to click. So you really need just key things, the title, some certain features that are very easy to fit easily and see easily on a phone or a laptop, and a very nice visual depicting what the resource is.

Alright, so let's talk about four tips to level up your show stopper game. The first tip is to be consistent and cohesive. This is very easy to do when you're using your brand fonts and colors. And you have a certain wording or messaging that you utilize consistently across the board, creating templates for social media, having templates for product covers, thumbnails, and even previews. So just be consistent in what you have. Sometimes that can't be possible, because maybe you have a lot of resources in your store. And, you know, maybe you've decided that you're going to go to the 16 by nine preview that kind of looks like a widescreen version of landscape. And then you use to use square. And that might take a little time to update. But as far as moving forward on your newer resources, that's just making sure moving forward, you can go and be consistent and cohesive on that.

The second tip would be to keep your TPT brand style in mind. So again, this all connects with branding. Are you a minimalist? Utilize a lot of whitespace Are you a scroll stopper, make sure that your colors are bright and your fonts are bold? Are you a trendsetter, add fun and trendy patterns and designs to attract your audience, not just on your covers and thumbnails, but also wherever you're on web, whatever social media platform you're on, or website and all of that stuff.

The third tip is to work smarter and not harder. Repurpose when you're marketing your resources on more than one platform. For example, you can take a series of photos of a TPT resource. And then add those photos into your product listing. But you can also add them to your social media posts. You can write a blog post about them and feature them in the actual blog post on your website and in your email. It is okay to repurpose and reuse the same photos. That's why I think templates kind of go hand in hand it saves you a lot of time.

The fourth tip I have for you is that customers favorite a resource that is professional and captivating in appearance, but also outstanding in the actual resource and the value they're getting in order to use it for their classroom. That's a big tip there. But just basically saying that the resource itself and the value it is they favor that in addition to how it looks as far as when you're marketing it and how they see it in your product listing. So make sure the actual resources have very few to little to none grammatical errors. And make sure it's aligned properly, just little things that might bring the quality of your product down. We all know we're human, and we make mistakes. So it could also help maybe to have an extra set of eyes to look at your resource after you are finished with a product that can be a partner, spouse, a your mom or anybody who can help maybe a VA that you work with.

of the month, and just really:

All right, well, that is it for this week. I will talk to you all again next week. Have a great rest of your week.

Thanks for tuning in to the creative teacher podcast. If you enjoyed listening to today's episode, feel free to subscribe and leave a review. I'd love to hear your feedback. You can also find me on Instagram at the southern teach. I cannot wait for you to join me in the next episode for more tips and inspiration. Have an amazing day.





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