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Teens, Stress and Sleep
Episode 76th October 2021 • Voices of Compassion • CHC
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From the minute we become parents, we start fixating on sleep–are our babies getting enough? Too much? Will they ever sleep through the night? Will we? It’s a hot topic because we know how critical it is for healthy development, both mental and physical. As our kids turn to teens, we may monitor their sleep less, but it doesn’t become less important to their wellbeing and academic performance. Teens can face many impediments to consistent, restorative sleep, including stress, with an estimated 70-75% of teens getting less than the recommended 8 hours per night. In this podcast episode, we sat down with two CHC experts–Dr. Joan Baran, Clinical Director at CHC, and Deepika Bose, Doctoral Psychology Intern–to learn strategies for helping your teen develop healthy sleep habits. You may even want to try some yourself! 


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