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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 37, 22nd June 2021
037 with Patrick O'Neill - Find a Great Mentor
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037 with Patrick O'Neill - Find a Great Mentor

Today, we will have Patrick O'Neill, the CEO of Amp Your Good, Inc.  Patrick will share his wisdom about how to find and identify a good mentor who will help in the domains that you need expertise in, especially in this modern economy. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 01:43- How did Patrick get into entrepreneurship? 
  • 06:00- Give Healthy project 
  • 13:42- What is mentorship and how to find a good mentor 
  • 20:00- How to find civilian mentors to be involved in the military community

Key Points:

  1. Find a mentor that cares to take the time to give you thoughtful advice, not necessarily always the correct advice, but you feel they are acting in your interest. 
  2. Mentors don't have to be someone older than you, but someone who can give insight into something you need help with. 
  3. Mentorship is getting assistance and perspective in the domains that you don't have expertise in. 


  • “A good way to help people is with food and give them what you would expect or hope for how somebody would help you.”- Patrick O'Neill
  • “Have a mindset that mentors don't fall out from the sky, have an understanding of what you think your broad needs are in terms of advice or coaching” - Patrick O'Neill

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