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6 - Unleashing the Power of Remote Collaboration: Insights from Industry Leaders with Sonata Therapeutics' Aaron Mackey
Episode 65th September 2023 • Remotely Possible • Adam Riggs
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Your host, Adam Riggs, talks with the Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Head of Data Sciences at Sonata Therapeutics, Aaron Mackey. Adam and Aaron discuss how to learn to lead from industries outside of your own and how Aaron’s work with data and machine learning has helped inform his approach to remote and distributed leadership.

Sonata Therapeutics is redefining the drug development paradigm by designing single therapeutics that reprogram diseased cells. At Sonata, they believe that the intrinsic hardware diseased cells use to influence their multicellular networks can be reprogrammed to drive robust, durable, and comprehensive cures for a broad range of diseases.

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