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#490: Visa Shares Advice and Insights for Successful Co-Brand Card Programs and Partnerships
Episode 49030th January 2024 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today’s episode is our first with Visa, a hugely important partner for so many of you and your programs.

Luigi Marandola is Vice President, Global Cobrand & Merchant Partnership Development at Visa, and he joins me today to share his approach to partnering with loyalty programs around the world.

Our conversation begins by reviewing with some of key success factors that program owners need to think about constantly to ensure your card is always top of wallet for your members.

Luigi then shares his insights on some great acquisition channels he sees, particularly in the US market – one of which is definitely controversial, and involves effectively leveraging the purchase path for ecommerce transactions as a key opportunity that more brands around the world can explore.

We also talk through some of the trends in co-brand cards that Visa sees from its data (which is one of the largest data sets on the planet), as well as new sectors that are emerging and beginning to explore the financial and engagement potential of co-brand cards.

Listen to enjoy our conversation and learnings from Visa!

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