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How The Automotive Industry Has Survived And Thrived Massive Changes
Episode 139th November 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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Every single industry was touched in some way by COVID-19. But few industries have seen as much upheaval and change as the automotive industry has over just the last two decades. What is it about that industry that has allowed them to quickly adapt and pivot as needed to not just survive but actually thrive?

On this week’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, we’re joined by Ryan Gerardi, who has an extensive background in the automotive industry and is now a thought leader within the mobility tech and connectivity space. Ryan shares some of his experience working within the auto industry, what he’s seen during those important pivots, and where he expects things to go next.

The ever-evolving automotive industry:

Introducing Ryan Gerardi (1:54)

Jennifer introduces Ryan, who shares some of his background and experience.

Disrupting the automotive industry (4:27)

Ryan talks about the true disruptions the auto industry faced before and after COVID-19, and how the market has changed as a result.

COVID-19 and the automotive industry:

The difference the internet has made (8:45)

The automotive industry has changed so much over the last few decades, with the ubiquity of the internet perhaps being one of the biggest shifts to the car buying experience.

The before times (10:27)

Most industries have undergone a huge change during the coronavirus pandemic. But what did it look like prior to COVID-19? Ryan shares his experiences.

Pivoting during COVID (12:21)

Once the pandemic hit, the automotive industry -- just like every other industry -- had to quickly pivot hard and pivot well in order to survive.

How to thrive (13:50)

Ryan was recently on a panel for car gurus about the retail side of the auto industry adapting to disruption. He shares some of the key takeaways.

Supply and demand (16:59)

During the pandemic, there was a sudden boom for cars -- any cars but especially used ones. With new cars not being manufactured quick enough to meet demands, Ryan breaks down what happened and where the industry is headed now.

Self-driving cars:

The impact of self-driving cars (20:35)

The latest and greatest technology to hit the auto industry involves self-driving cars. Jen wonders how that technology will change things.


What will the future bring? (24:00)

With automation coming to consumer vehicles, will we even need to own a car in the future or will driving become more of a hobby than a necessity?

How to thrive (27:43)

During all this change, how did Ryan manage to not just survive, but thrive?