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Behind The Membership with Callie Willows - The Membership Guys EPISODE 7, 28th September 2017
Experimenting Your Way to Success with Holly Gillen
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Experimenting Your Way to Success with Holly Gillen

Holly Gillen from Business Cinema Academy and Holly G Studios is joining Callie on this episode of Behind the Membership.

Holly has been running her membership alongside her video production business for 15 months now, after trying lots of other business models previously. Holly shares a lot of great tips for us in this interview, including how she uses challenges to attract new members, her experience with using Kajabi for her membership site, and how important it is to only attract members when they're ready for your membership.

Holly talks with Callie about the first 15 months of Business Cinema Academy, including:

  • How Holly attracts new members with free video challenges
  • Using themed months to help members focus
  • The power of watching members transform and succeed
  • How using Kajabi has cut out the tech headaches of running a membership
  • The #oneminuteonetake video challenge
  • Using a quiz to tell sales page visitors ┬áif the membership is for them
  • The value of experimenting and not staying stagnant
  • Increasing engagement and connection with personal check in videos
  • Why she wished she'd started the membership site earlier!