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The Neuroscience of Pleasure: A Pathway to Your Personal Power
Episode 3029th May 2024 • Marli Williams - Let's Lead Together • Marli Williams, M.Ed.
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Step into a world where pleasure meets power in the latest episode of the Marli Williams Podcast. Join host me and our guest expert this week, Danielle Savory as we unravel the transformative connection between pleasure and confidence. From unlocking desires to redefining success, we delve into the untapped potential that lies in embracing pleasure. Discover how prioritizing your own pleasure can lead to a profound shift in mindset and empowerment. With insights on navigating resistance and harnessing the neuroscience of pleasure, this episode is a roadmap to unlocking hidden inner resources. Tune in to explore the intersection of pleasure, power, and purpose – a journey that promises to redefine your path to fulfillment and success.

Danielle's Bio & Links:

Danielle Savory is a master certified coach who helps women experience more turn-on and pleasure in the bedroom and beyond. Over the last decade she has helped thousands of women  revitalize their entire well-being and tap into the pinnacle of personal growth through the lens of sexual and sensual pleasure using her expertise in neuropsychology, mindfulness, and somatics . 

Recently her podcast "It's My Pleasure" was selected as the #1 Sex & Relationship podcast of 2023 on Mashable.

Danielle lives in Portland, OR with her husband, two girls, a pitbull named Bruce and a kitty named Dottie. She loves hiking, house/yard projects, dancing all over the place and cross-stitching as she contemplates ways to dismantle the patriarchy.

Danielle Savory 

The Pleasure Coach For Women

Host of "It's My Pleasure" Podcast

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Because a pleasured woman is an empowered woman.




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