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Lessons learned from a double-lung transplant: How to move through life's unexpected challenges and use that pain to serve others
Episode 228th March 2022 • ProgressPROUD • Progress
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For today’s episode, you’ll hear from Travis Gibson, Principal QA Engineer based in Georgia. And his life story is a whirlwind – he went from being a healthy adult to discovering that he would need a double lung transplant. What he and multiple doctors thought was a minor illness, turned out to be something very serious. And after his transplant surgery, he woke up 2 months later with new lungs, but with a long road to recovery.

Years later he still feels the effects of his transplant – but despite everything – the shocking diagnosis, surgery, crazy side effects people don’t tell you about  – he still finds time to help and serve others. He’s taking everything he’s been through – and still going through – to contribute to society, and to help people who may be going through a similar journey.

Orgs he supports: