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Ep. 273 - How to Consciously Co-Create with The Universe with Aaron Rose
Episode 27319th November 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Today K + L begin by spotlighting Joe Rogan’s interview with Edward Snowden. They discuss the increase in censorship and shift in power after 9/11, then pivot to chatting about Joe’s ability to be a bada$$ + rad dad at the same time. Get ready for some lol’s as K recounts her story involving a police case, ridiculous clothes for Coachella, and a hit and run! Then L shares her friend’s experience with a medical procedure gone wrong—highlighting the importance of second opinions, asking questions, and being your own advocate in a doctors office. 


Today we are vibin’ so high with this powerful and impactful episode. It resonates so deeply with us; we can’t wait to share it with you. Our guest, Aaron Rose, is a conscious culture and life design coach, and motivational speaker. We recently started working with him to expand our knowledge on being conscious leaders.

Today Aaron joins us to illustrate his journey of growth, and how he began living his truth after growing up in a religious household that limited self-expression. For example, Aaron talks about the family newspaper he started to advocate for himself due to the discord he felt toward their religion’s lack of acceptance. He shares his coming out process, the painful conversations of trying to explain himself to his family, and how his relationship has evolved with them over the years. We then ask what it means to be ‘real’ on Instagram, and love Aaron’s answer about searching for our relatable brilliance versus flaws.

We also talk about being triggered—understanding when you’re being triggered, what to do, and the importance of allowing your emotions to flow through you. Aaron shares how dropping into your heart and cleaning up energetic patterns creates change. To wrap up, he shares his favorite books, and we spend some time nerding out on The Lord of the Rings!

We also talk about:

  • How being fully present with others can create discomfort
  • Aaron’s early experiences of discrimination
  • How in conflict we still yearn for connection
  • His involvement in social justice projects in high school and later
  • How we are addicted to the lows
  • Aaron’s relationship with God & faith
  • How Aaron’s work has impacted individuals, teams, work cultures

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  • Listen to Joe Rogan’s interview with Edward Snowden here.


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