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A HUGE Mistake, Goldilocks & Haroon Returns
Episode 17615th September 2023 • The Higher Standard • Chris Naghibi & Saied Omar
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Haroon has returned and has already put in for his next PTO request in November where he thought he would be visiting the European country of Belize. While discovering that being Muslim is not an ethnicity, we quickly hop on over to a warning issued by JP Morgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon. Jamie D is suggesting that it would be a "huge mistake" to think the economy will boom. Yet, at the same time, new data suggests that the fall in home prices may already be over. Confused? Don't be, we explain what we think is happening. All three of us discuss the Fed's own economist's prediction of a "Goldilocks" scenario where we have no recession, low inflation, and positive growth. Then to cap the show Haroon provides some important life advice.


Jamie Dimon says it’s a ‘huge mistake’ to think economy will boom with so many risks out there (CNBC)

The Fall in Home Prices May Already Be Over (Wall Street Journal)

The US is on course to build more apartments than ever in 2023 (Chartr Daily Instagram)

Business Bankruptcies Soar in August as Rising Interest Rates Bite (Bloomberg)

The Fed's own economists now expect a Goldilocks scenario: No recession, low inflation, and positive growth(Business Insider)

The man who bought the NYSE just made a $11.9 billion bet that he can fast-track your mortgage for far less than you’re paying now (Fortune)

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