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Love, Gratitude, and Podcasting with Lauren Rose from “It Hurts to Mom”
Episode 523rd April 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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"I have to live with these things, but I don't have to suffer from them." -Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose is an author, coach, and the host of the “It Hurts to Mom” podcast.

In this week’s episode she’s speaking about her challenges with pretty severe chronic pain - and how through all of that, she found a loving partner and is raising a kind and compassionate daughter. Lauren is living with several degenerative disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic migraine to name a few. 

Lauren is sharing a treasure trove of information, resources, and tools she’s learned to help her with her own chronic pain on a daily basis. She shares about her anxiety and her gratitude as she finds her way towards helping others living with chronic pain.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Dating and finding love while living with chronic illness
  • Speaking with your children about fatigue and chronic pain
  • The power of gratitude and love when battling anxiety

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