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Episode 1530th September 2023 • Working Hours • Western Studios, Leeds Ltd
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Dr Amanda Bretman recorded on 28/02/23

Dr Amanda Bretman is Associate Professor in Behavioural Ecology in the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds.

Dr Bretman’s expresses only her own views in this interview and not those of the University.

After completing her PhD in Leeds in 2004, she undertook post-doctoral research at the Cornwall campus of the University of Exeter and at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. She returned to Leeds in 2013 to take up her first independent academic position. Her research and teaching is in the field of animal behaviour. Using insects as models, she addresses questions such as how social cues alter reproductive strategies and ageing patterns, and how climate change will affect fertility.

In 2021, she became the University Dean of Research Quality, with a wide remit to support and enable the production of the highest quality research at Leeds.