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Ep25. The Chartist Movement
Episode 2514th September 2020 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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On 27 July 1877, John Frost - Chartist leader and the man who, more than anyone else, reflected the desire of the Welsh working classes to obtain universal manhood suffrage - died quietly at his home in Bristol. It had been a wild, troubled and often dangerous life.

Establishing himself as a prominent Chartist, he was elected in 1835 as a town councillor  for Newport and appointed as a magistrate. He also became an Improvement Commissioner & Poor Law Guardian and the following year became Mayor of Newport but his strong political leanings meant that he had to stand down.

On 3–4 November 1839 John Frost, together with William Jones and Zephaniah Williams, led a Chartist march on the Westgate Inn in Newport. What happened next was a mixture of bad luck and unfortunate timing which led to the biggest change in John Frost's life, but not his determination to help others.


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