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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 64, 28th December 2020
What Holds us Together with Andrea Splendori of the Social Fabric Podcast
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What Holds us Together with Andrea Splendori of the Social Fabric Podcast

When is the last time you just had a great conversation with someone?

On the podcast, we are talking with Andrea Splendori, who aims to raise awareness of the good in people right next door. 

With the polar times, we live in, it can be easy to forget that we have more things in common than we have that make us different. Andrea wants to bring stories about community and people and shine a light on the good people are doing. Our society's social fabric is a conversation, and in some ways, we have lost this in the modern era. 

Key Topics:

  • Where did the idea for the Social Fabric Podcast originate (1:19)
  • Every podcast has a goal; what is Andrea hoping to accomplish with this podcast (3:41)
  • Was there something special about a podcast that made it the right medium (5:48)
  • The challenges Andrea ran into launching his podcast (8:56)
  • What advice would you give to other people looking to launch a CausePod (11:09)
  • What about the Children's Health Hospital at Crumlin special (13:45)

Website link: https://www.andreasplendori.com/audio-resources

Podcast Links:

Charity: Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin

Donation: https://www.olchc.ie/Donations/

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