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Spirituality - A Tool for Mental Health (PTSD,ADHD)
Episode 315th February 2024 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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In this episode we talk with Dr Mark Weisman about spirituality and how that relates to Mental Health conditions like PTSD and ADHD. Dr. Mark is Known as the "Alaska Ulfhednar". If you don’t know what that is he explains how he got the title.

Mark has worked with hundreds of "friends" (he calls them) to help them find a path to recovery from many different mental health challenges. Primarily working with former members of the military both in the US and abroad to build futures through the darkness of PTSD, he uses the simplicity of his cultural heritage as a Norse Shaman to restore lives and give hope. Dr Weiman has advanced degrees in religion, psychology, and telecommunications,

We touch on spirituality as it relates to Mental Health, religion, consciousness, and the Universe. I also talk about ADHD and why that may cause interpersonal issues and other problems in todays society.

Even if you don’t buy into all this, our discussion is very interesting, and he impressed me with his kindness, intelligence, and spirituality. It makes for a very entertaining episode.

I would also like to thank everyone who listens on a regular basis, and I still believe we can all achieve mental health as real as it gets. We are learning what we need to know to have a much happier life for real. We have some great shows coming up and I will continue to try to push the cause to eradicate the stigma of mental health and to push for accommodations for ADHD. I feel despite all my issues I am making progress, and I am just getting started. Stay tuned and let others know about the show. We can all heal together with hope for the future. We are winning and thank you to all of you.

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