The American Data Privacy and Protection Act
Episode 638th August 2022 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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This week on Order Up, Karly is joined by Brennan Duckett, The National Restaurant Association’s Director of Technology and Innovation, to discuss the American Data Privacy and Protection Act and its impact on restaurants if passed by Congress in its current form. In this episode, learn about ADPPA’s impact on small businesses, its intent to empower consumers, and the further revisions needed to include appropriate compliance and enforcement measures in the bill.

  • (0:47) – Technology and Innovation
  • (2:08) – American Data Privacy and Protection Act
  • (3:22) – ADPPA consumer rights
  • (6:23) – Restaurant accountability and liability
  • (9:11) – State vs. federal law
  • (11:15) – Enforcement
  • (13:40) – Impact on small businesses
  • (16:35) – Protecting loyalty programs
  • (18:40) – NRA’s opposition to the bill in its current form
  • (21:30) – Compliance and empowering consumers
  • (24:02) – Staying up-to-date and speaking up

Read the National Restaurant Association’s letter to Congress regarding ADPPA.

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