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Episode 67: "Leading When Your Boss Can't"
Episode 6710th August 2021 • eLABorate Topics • dibroadcasting
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"Everything rises and falls on leadership"- John C. Maxwell

Have you ever worked in a laboratory and your boss couldn't or wouldn't lead? Did it impact the productivity, morale, confidence, and success of the team? Many people find themselves in this situation due to a variety of reasons.   

Listen to the episode, with pen and paper, as Co-Hosts Tywauna Wilson, Lona Small, and Stephanie Whitehead discuss various strategies for leading when your boss can't or won't lead.  

Tune in as they discuss:

  • What can happen when your boss doesn't lead
  • Things to avoid in an environment led by a bad boss
  • Finding ways to work with your boss
  • Developing your own influence on the team

The Leadership tools discussed in this episode are linked below.

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Courtesy of Trendy Elite Coaching and Consulting:
*Bonus* Audio Book Downloads: Leadership and influence
                                                      Self leadership

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