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Cyber Risks Mitigation & Transfer - Founder to Founder Perspective on Cyber Liability Protections and What You Can Do To Protect Yourself
Episode 415th December 2022 • Cybersecurity Chronicles • Netswitch Technology Management
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There's no escaping cyber risks these days.

But what can you do to mitigate and transfer them?

Listen to this episode for a Founder-to-Founder conversation as they share their perspectives on cyber risk & protecting their small businesses.

You'll learn about different types of cyber risks, how to assess and protect against them, and some tips for preparing for cyber liability insurance to prevent a cyber incident from destroying your business.

Michael McCarron, Founder & CEO of Lakeside Insurance, and Stanley Li, Founder & CEO of Netswitch Technology Management share their perspectives on the topic.

Michael McCarron and Lakeside's talented risk advisors partner with clients, as trusted risk advisors, they look to help:

✔Manage Risk

✔Mitigate Risk

✔Reduce Total Cost of Risk

To drive mutually profitable growth.

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