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Level-Up Your Sponsored Products Strategy w/ Guest Steven Pope (My Amazon Guy)
Episode 1614th April 2021 • The Ad Project • Ad Advance
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Amazon Sponsored Products is definitely the goldmine to any advertising strategy. While there are many different ways Sponsored ad campaigns can be structured, there are a few key strategies we encourage sellers to implement to get the most out of their ads. In this episode, both Joe and Steven Pope (MyAmazonGuy) dived into these strategies, including auto campaigns and whether everyone should run them, keyword isolation, and takeaways for new product launches. 

Steven even shared how a product he launched recently selling up to 1000 units per month with ads one day got banned from Amazon advertising. He expressed how this was quite frustrating after trying numerous methods, including entirely redoing the copy on his listing, closing his listing, and talking with Amazon daily. During the period where he's no longer able to run ads, almost overnight, his sales were cut in half, and then over time, he lost ranking from being the number 1 seller for his main keyword to ranking at #20.  

Whether you're a new or seasoned seller, covering the most important aspects of advertising is proven to be crucial and essential to your journey and success on Amazon. 


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Episode Highlights  


Should you run auto campaigns? [03:36]  

Breakdown on keyword isolation in Sponsored Products Campaign [06:10]  

Keyword Research for new product launches [09:59]  

Steven’s story on how PPC helps with SEO/Ranking [11:29]  

Steven’s approach to launching new products [19:59]  

Amazon advertising for new product launches and how to measure success? [23:01]  



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