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How to Take Your Law Firm Virtual During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Tom Petrelli
Episode 112th May 2020 • Law in the Time of Coronavirus • Lawpods
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The last two months have seen seismic shifts in the world, severely impacting not only day-to-day life but how firms are practicing law. This new podcast from Lawpods, Law in the Time of Coronavirus, is a resource to help lawyers navigate the current storm and keep their firms running smoothly and profitably. In each episode, we’re going to be featuring experts, including managing partners, firm managers, marketers, and other experts from the legal field, to shed some light on how this crisis is affecting them and the strategic steps they’re taking to stay in control.

In this inaugural episode, host Robert Ingalls speaks with divorce and family law attorney Tom Petrelli of Petrelli Previtera on how his firm has handled the transition to a virtual workspace. While Tom has been utilizing cloud-based solutions and other remote-friendly tools prior to the Coronavirus crisis, Tom says the pandemic has helped him and his team identify gaps in their preparedness strategy.

Tom reveals the various tools, services, and workflows that his firm is employing to provide remote work solutions to the entire team. These include apps for project management, business intelligence, communication, and secure document storage. Additionally, he shares risk mitigation techniques to combat risks associated with using technology, particularly related to data security and privacy.

Tom also provides tips on how to remotely manage staff, stressing the importance of regular and productive meetings as well as maintaining consistent client communication. Petrelli Previtera is committed to providing new, existing, and former clients with the help, support, and guidance they may need, especially those who are facing increasingly demanding challenges. Using this time to focus on community building and taking care of employees is a long-term strategy that works for everyone.

For Tom, it’s necessary to have realistic expectations when it comes to working remotely during the pandemic. Tom’s parting advice is to accept that you’re unlikely to accomplish as much as you’re accustomed to in the office, and to take things day-by-day.

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