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Becoming a Six Figure Passive Income Princess with Rebelle Nutrition
Episode 7927th February 2023 • Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying • Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying
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Amie Tollsfrud is raking in $400,000 a month teaching people how to create their own online courses through her brand Rebelle Nutrition, and she's here to spill all her secrets on how you can do the same!

In this episode, we dive deep into Rebelle's humble beginnings, living in a 120 sqft tiki hut (yes, you read that right), and how she drives massive traffic to her business without just by posting on TikTok! . Plus, we chat about how she ditched her scarcity mindset to unlocked her full potential, and how YOU can do the same to create an amazing online course that will have people throwing their credit cards at you.

In this episode on Becoming a Six Figure Passive Income Princess, we chat about:

01:23 - The one move that 10X’d my life

09:09 - How Amie went from living in a tiki hut to a Beverly Hills millionaire

14:07 - How to ditch your scarcity mindset around money FAST

17:31 - Why you need to create an online course no matter what business you’re in

19:57 - Get Drunk Cocktail of the Week

21:39 - How to maintain an abundance mindset

24:07 - Course Creation common mistakes & Tips to avoid it 

27:22 - How to find the perfect topic for your online course

20:20 - Get Rich Tip of The Week

34:15 - What you need to know about online course creation

37:06 - Boss babe business tips

41:15 - Get Rich Read of the Week

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