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MonaLisa Whitaker On The Magic of Connection
Episode 1244th May 2021 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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If you are looking to learn, grow, and be inspired, then today’s show is for you. MonaLisa Whitaker is our guest today, and her warmth, dedication, and brilliance are all infectious. MonaLisa is a photographer and mixed media artist with an enviable resume and decades of experience. In our conversation today, MonaLisa talks about her work in the Inglewood art community and the advocacy she has been involved within the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. We hear about her start in photography, where she shares her passion for analog and the value she believes it offers all budding photographers. MonaLisa also talks about why she has chosen to explore the individual connection to the divine in her work. Through having her own children and learning about religions of all kinds, MonaLisa came to realize how similar many religious beliefs are and how they have been pitted up against one another despite their commonalities. We also chat about the magic that exists in the world, how artists can show us what we might not see and the value of connection. Tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear the story of how MonaLisa met Man One, her and Sourdough’s mutual friend. 
  • The artist collective MonaLisa has been involved with for 20 years. 
  • Insights into the work MonaLisa did with Inglewood Cultural Arts. 
  • The work MonaLisa is most proud of; advocating for artists! 
  • Paying respect to the incredible Michael Massenburg. 
  • How MonaLisa got her unique name: her mom had a friend with the same name. 
  • The interesting story of how MonaLisa was introduced to photography. 
  • How old MonaLisa was when she got her first camera. 
  • What sandwiching a negative, a technique people no longer use, entails. 
  • The incredible learning opportunities that come with analog photography. 
  • Where MonaLisa’s passion for connecting with the divine comes from. 
  • What MonaLisa has learned about religion on her journey; everyone has the same desire to connect. 
  • Details about MonaLisa’s current work. 
  • The different moments MonaLisa thinks will be most remembered when she passes on. 
  • How MonaLisa met her husband and what he is currently up to. 
  • There is so much magic all around us, and we are much more connected than we realize. 
  • Artists can help people see the connections they can’t always see for themselves. 
  • Why MonaLisa’s surname, Whitaker, is spelled the way it is.
  • We need connection and to be near one another; we are human beings. 
  • Looking toward this year’s NRA Artist Grant.

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