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Adjusting and Refocusing Your Marketing Strategy
Episode 6118th April 2023 • Demand Gen U •
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Every B2B marketing team is currently asking themselves the same thing... how do you adjust your marketing plan according to what's going on in the world right now? 

It's a chaotic time and having a plan is a great start. But what happens when you have to adjust that plan and then a few months later, have to adjust it again? It’s no easy feat, which is why in this episode of DGU, Mark and Jason cover one of Jason’s not-so-favorite topics… planning!  

Tune in to find out how the team at Metadata is approaching marketing planning in the current environment, mistakes they’ve made in the process, and how to say ‘no’ when you really have to.  

Find out: 

  • Why Metadata are taking another crack at their Q4 / Q1 plan 
  • How and why our goals have changed in the last six months 
  • What happens when you work on everything at once 

0:00 – 0:32 Intro  

0:33 – 1:49 Why Jason wants to go back to paper and pencils 

1:49 – 3:15 The question every marketing team is asking right now  

3:15 – 7:01 Metadata’s Q4-Q1 planning process 

7:01 – 12:20 Reworking the plan  

12:20 – 24:49 How to goals of the company have changed  

24:49 – 28:15 Guardrails Metadata have in place  

28:15 – 33:44  Level of effort and potential impact 

33:44 – 35:42 What happened when Mark stood in for Jason in a leadership meeting  

35:42 – 36:40 Outro