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FORMULA INDIE 26.09.2020
26th September 2020 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Pasquale Gravela – Dicono che

Beppe De Francesco – 12 maggio 2016

Maghi di Ozzy – Ego

Andrea Petrucci Redpassion – Dance Honey 

Alessandro Di Carlo – Piccolo cuore che batte

Franco Nocchi – Anche se non so volare

Craymo – December Rain

LILITH – Revealed

RobAnd – Bextasy

Francesco Siliotto, Gabriele Saro – Scorekeeper

Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Open Your Eyes

Matthew Schultz x Modern Machines – Go (radio edit remix)

Stephen Wrench – Life’s a sham

Kevin Hockaday – Big Mouth Small Brain 

The Deers Cry – Rise with the Dawn

Donna Zed – At the end of the day

Lumen Jingos – Tragic Innocence

Max Montanari feat. PerikoloGeneriko – Tutto è troppo dentro te

Mike P. Fitzpatrick feat. Priscilla Bailey – Everything i need

Overhate – Never Ending War

Potacci – Maricarmen

Shemie Rozay – City Drop

Steve Markoff, Patricia Lazzara, Allison Brewster Franzetti - If I Could Reach Your Heart (A Covid Quarantine Collaboration) 

Marcello Ma – Cheyenne

Des Cox – My Internet Lover

Bill Abernathy - Whiskey Road 

Ed Roman - Stronger 

Izzie's Caravan - Drownin' Man's Blues 

Jeremy Parsons - Tragedy 

Lecretia Ann – 3





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