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Juanita Brooks for John DeLorean
Episode 318th January 2022 • For the Defense with David Oscar Markus • rakontur
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Everyone knows of DeLorean cars, which were made famous in Back to the Future. What folks may not know is that the car's namesake -- John DeLorean -- was charged in two different federal cases in the 1980s. In one case in Detroit, he was charged with racketeering and embezzlement. Enter Juanita Brooks, who was one of the few women criminal defense lawyers to have her own practice at the time. Juanita is now known as the "jury whisperer" for her ability to convince jurors even in the most difficult cases. She did so here as well. Check out her strategies in jury selection through cross examination through closing argument as she discusses the case with fellow criminal defense lawyer David Oscar Markus.




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