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Mastering Leadership through Deep Listening with Oscar Trimboli | Episode 137
Episode 13721st September 2023 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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In this episode of The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast, we are privileged to be joined by Oscar Trimboli, a dedicated advocate for deep listening and transformative leadership. Oscar, an author, speaker, and host of the acclaimed Deep Listening Podcast, unveils the profound impact of active listening on leadership and communication.  

In this episode, you will learn:

1. The Art of Pre-Conversation Listening:  

Discover how listening starts even before the conversation begins. Oscar delves into strategies to cultivate pre-conversation awareness, setting the stage for more impactful dialogue. 


2. Shifting from Speaking to Understanding:  

Learn how leaders can transition from listening merely to respond, to actively listening with the intent to understand. Oscar shares practical approaches to facilitate this transformative shift.    


3.  The Power of Presence and Breathing:  

Oscar unravels the secrets to becoming fully present in conversations. Explore the role of various breathing techniques in enhancing presence and promoting effective communication.  

4. A Personal Journey of Transformation:  

Oscar draws from personal experience, recounting how his father's life-altering stroke shifted his perspective on communication. Dive into the heart of his book that was inspired by this journey.  

5. Listener Questions Answered:  

Gain insights as Oscar addresses questions submitted by listeners of The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast. Explore the application of deep listening in real-world scenarios.  

Join us in this captivating conversation as we navigate the realms of deep listening and its profound impact on leadership with Oscar Trimboli.  

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About Oscar Trimboli:  

Oscar's journey spans the realms of marketing and technology, where he has worked with industry giants such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Google. His insights have empowered organisations, including AstraZeneca, Salesforce, and SAP, to revolutionise communication dynamics.  



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