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Episode 40: Relational Engagement
8th March 2017 • This Is WholeLife • WholeLife Church Media Productions
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Have you ever sat in a room full of strangers that you knew like they were your very own family? It is a phenomenon that isn't new or rare but one that continues to plague our ability to grow together relationally and spiritually. This week we unplugged from the technology matrix in an attempt to reconnect and plant the seeds of engaged communication.

Our #fhcTAKEAWAYS this past week consisted of the 7 questions that were put before us regarding our dependency on electronic media and overall relational engagement:

▸ How tied are you to your phone, electronic media, etc.?
▸ How tied would your friends say you are to these devices?
▸ How has social media kept you from developing relationships with the people with whom you live and work?
▸ What are some ways you can turn your attention more to the people around you each day?
▸ What are some ways you can show others that you are truly paying attention to what they are saying or doing?
▸ What is the relationship between being relationally engaged and loving people into a lifelong friendship with God?
▸ What difference do you think being present, attentive, and interested might make in your life and the lives of those you care about?

Which of these struck closest to the heart for you?

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Tune in every Wednesday as we take a look back at our prior week's message for unique takeaways, added perspective, and a peek at the upcoming message at the Florida Hospital Church. Thank you for joining us and we will see you next week for Episode 41!

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