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Inputs - by Top Crop Manager - Top Crop Manager EPISODE 19, 26th August 2020
Cover crops: Making the right decisions for your fields
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Cover crops: Making the right decisions for your fields

Cover crops are widely seen as a beneficial practice, with effects like improved soil health, weed management and erosion protection. They also require a little planning and knowledge to be successful.

Kris McNaughton is a research technician at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus. She discusses the importance of forethought: termination of a cover crop, the crops that preceded and will follow in that field, and how herbicide use can affect the cover crop.

Yvonne Lawley, a professor in the plant science department at the University of Manitoba, and Callum Morrison, a University of Manitoba PhD student, discuss a cover crop survey they conducted in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in 2019 and the importance of considering the realities of your farm when deciding on cover crops.

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