What Is Ayahuasca?
Episode 3911th February 2023 • Dr. Body Mind Soul • Jude Galea
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Dr. Jude Galea:

Welcome back to the doctor body mind soul podcast. My name is Dr. Jude. And this is a podcast, which explores how we can integrate modern medicine and alternative therapies to help you get the holistic health care that you deserve. I will be speaking to healers and seekers, researchers and authors who will share their experiences and the evidence to help guide us all to Holistic Health. Let's do this. So welcome to my solo cast, where I'm just going to explore the question, what is i Ayahuasca? I'm just going to start off by explaining why I'm in love with this medicine. And why I think it's such an an important healing modality. I think fundamentally, it's because it acknowledges and works with the body mind soul connection. And ultimately, I think was the tool that allowed me to really understand and acknowledge the body mind soul connection myself. And from there, the podcast has grown and everything from that is starting to emerge. And I think, once I started to understand the importance of being in alignment with our bodies, minds, and souls, and how fundamental that actually is to our overall health, I started to see the limitations of the Western medical approach, which is only managing the physical body and meeting the physical body with pharmaceuticals, which are essentially dulling our symptoms rather than getting into the root cause, which is what iOS SCA is designed to do, its what it's so good at really get to the psychological and emotional roots, to our physical dis ease. It's really working with our energy body, a body that it the Western paradigm doesn't acknowledge exists. And the way I understand that, the sort of iOS ska Amazonian health system works is that when we refuse to feel an emotion, it gets stuck. And this may be serving us well. In childhood, we may need to numb ourselves in order to survive a situation. But if we maintain that pattern, which develops in childhood, and sometimes inherited, from previous generations, the the neural pathways that have been established at this stage, stay in place. And it's these patterns and neural pathways that form at this time that then can get in the way of us as we get older and they actually cause disease. So I just wanted to outline why I did discussing this plant medicine before we get into what it actually is and how important I think it is to consider within the greater context of how we look at our health. I just want to please I'll ask it in the context of a big system within the Amazon. And the way in which that whole kind of way of thinking is, and I'm not the person are totally well versed in all of those healing modalities there. But just to point out that there's a whole paradigm of which I Alaska is one component. So what is i Alaska so I Alaska is. First of all, its name directly translates to IR, which is vine. And why SCA is either translated to the word death, or soul. And this kind of tends to reflect people's experiences with this medicine. So it's a vine of the soul or a vine, of death. And that sounds, and is actually quite terrifying when we think about, you know, the final death, but what it's really referring to is allowing parts of ourselves to die. And this means, patterns, thoughts, beliefs, that are no longer serving us, we get a chance to see them. So when we take ayahuasca, we are able to access parts of our subconscious parts of our subconscious that we don't ordinarily see. This is what is termed as our shadow parts of ourselves that we don't want to see part of ourselves that we don't normally see. And that part of ourselves, our subconscious, runs the show, about 80% of what we do is driven by our subconscious part of parts of ourselves that we are not currently aware of an iOS app brings awareness to these parts of ourselves, which then allows us to make a choice. Do we want to continue with these old patterns? Or do we want to try something new. But in order for us to try something new, we have to be willing to let go of these patterns, beliefs, sometimes parts of our identity, which can be a really profoundly challenging process. Because we are very attached to our identities. They are what tether us to our sense of self. And when our identities and our sense of self is challenged, it can be really quite scary. So this is really the work that people speak of when working with Ayahuasca, that can be really challenging. And from my experience, the drink Ayahuasca helps us gain awareness of some of these patterns, which may be holding us back. And it's the work of the healers through these Icarus, they're called in the Shipibo tradition, which is I'm which is what I'm most familiar with. It's through these songs that the healers are singing to you, that are assisting a clearing of those patterns quite physically at times. So this is what they refer to as the purge. Through the vibration of the sound, and the songs are being sung energy, energy blockages are being moved through the body. And then you are able to release them through different purges that the body goes under. So that can either be vomiting, it can be moving your bowels, it can be through sweating, it can be through changes of temperature. It can even be through a bit of agitated movement that you're just shifting, shifting dense energies to ultimately release them from the physical body. But what you're actually releasing are patterns, emotions, thoughts, beliefs. I know that that can sound quite abstract