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Aliens and Heavy Metall-urgy
Episode 4322nd August 2023 • Digging Up Ancient Aliens • Fredrik Trusohamn
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Weapons, something that has been driving our evolution and survival as a species. Ancient Alien theorists suggest alien beings from other worlds gave us weapons, metals, and techniques. But what would an archaeologist say about all of this?

In this episode, we will look at the evolution of metallurgy, from the earliest copper age to the invention of steel. What do we know, and how did these techniques evolve? As we will see, it was not as simple as one might think, as metalwork developed in different regions at different times.

We will also look at Katanas, and they're supposed to be of superior quality. Are katana the superior weapon we see in movies, or are these just modern pop culture myths?

Lastly, I will talk about Joan D'Arc. There are strange claims regarding her sword. Did she possess weaponry beyond the technology of the time, or can we find a mundane explanation for one of the claimed miracles?

In Digging up Ancient Aliens, our host Fredrik uses his background in archaeology to discover what is genuine, fake, and somewhere in between in popular media, such as Ancient Aliens, Ancient Apocalypse, and many other places.

In this episode:

Fire - an alien gift? (2:20)

Metalworking (8:50)

Bronze Age (16:35)

Iron Age (22:24)

Blacksmith (28:26)

The Katana and iron in Japan (32:53)

Joan D'Arc (39:48)


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