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Hustle & Thrive - WorkInCulture EPISODE 10, 14th June 2021
Diversity ≠ Inclusion
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Diversity ≠ Inclusion

Part 1 of our 3-Part Series exploring Equity and Inclusion created in partnership with Curated Leadership, founded by Sheliza Jamal. The series includes conversation on inclusion, accessibility, equity, and radical self-love. Episodes in this series are supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

Inclusion and diversity, like race, ethnicity and nationality are two concepts that have been conflated, misconstrued, and misused. In this episode, we chat with Sheliza Jamal who brings her background as an equity and inclusion coach to give a proper definition of inclusion and diversity. White privilege is the thing that connects the oppression and stagnation of marginalized folks both generally and in the arts and cultural sector. Sheliza’s views and expertise show different ways the arts can create a better sense of belonging and become responsibly inclusive.

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