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Finding Your Tribe with Tim Rhode of GoBundance
18th December 2019 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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This week’s guest is Tim Rhode. Tim is the co-founder of GoBundance and the author of Tribe of Millionaires. He is also Founder of 1Life Fully Lived, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people find their vision and take control of their lives.

Tim’s work with GoBundance is designed to engineer quality peer groups for people that will help them hold each other accountable. This is a great companion to the work he does at 1Life Fully lived, which helps kids plan their future while driving a positive change in the way that they are taught in our school system.

In this episode, Tim joins the podcast to talk about how he got his money mindset, the importance of finding your tribe, and what financial freedom really means.

In this episode we cover the following topics with Tim:

  • [1:26] What life was like for Tim growing up and how he developed his money mindset
  • [3:57] The core purpose of Tim’s book Tribe of Millionaires
  • [7:41] The importance of surrounding yourself with people who are both ahead of you and behind you on your journey
  • [9:06] The Six Key Pillars of GoBundance
  • [13:50] There are two sides to accountability
  • [17:30] What Financial Freedom really means
  • [21:50] Putting your money to work for you through Real Estate investing
  • [23:05] Finding the right Tribe and the importance of relationships
  • [29:11] A life fully lived
  • [32:45] Where to start your journey

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