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Chapter 159. I was presented with a bucket of small gnomes.
Episode 15922nd May 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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It's pretty much a single question episode this week.

"Did you have a nice birthday?!"

Now as a concept you can spin that a couple of ways.

  • Either, Ant followed his normal pattern of TCD prep and literally thought that would be enough to generate sixty minutes worth of something (and to be fair we do have previous...)
  • Or, Ant made a calculation based on information previously gathered and assumed my capacity for rational chat, the day after both a birthday and the last night of a convention would be er.. patchy.

The answer probably exists somewhere betwixt those possibilities, but then you knew that already because you are smart, sensitive, forgiving types and there's no wonder we love you madly.

Basically I had much to recount, but I was too post-gig-spirit/body-traincrashed to express too many lucid memories. But I DID have a nice birthday. And in the morning.. a birthday is yet to come.

Anyway I must dash, I have a plane to catch and I am not getting any younger. The whole truth..

Toodleoo from Mr Taurus.

h x




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