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Special Episode! Book talk: Student Voice Research: Theory, Methods, and Innovations From the Field with Marc & Joe
Episode 2Bonus Episode27th October 2022 • The Action Research Podcast • Adam Stieglitz & Joe Levitan
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In this special episode, the AR Pod team discusses an amazing new book by our very own Joe Levitan and friend of the Podcast, Marc Brasof. The book, Student Voice Research: Theory, Methods, and Innovations from the Field, discusses the “how” of useful and quality student voice research to make schools better places to learn. The book has a lot of overlaps with Action Research.  This firsthand conversation by the editors of the book delves into why not only the theoretical understanding of student voice research is important but also practical knowledge from the field.

Joe, Adam and Marc, bring highlights about the process of this collaboration, how this book came into existence, and some comments about the field. The book is not just relevant for students but also practitioners in action research who would like to include youth in change processes and research. Many of these paradigms, methodologies, or ways of thinking about information and decision-making need more of procedural knowledge which this book offers.

Alright, no more spoilers, listen to the episode to know more about the book from editors themselves!

Also, a special shout out to Vanessa Gold, co-producer of this podcast, who co-authored one of the chapters in this book!

Here’s the link to the book:

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