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Kendra Pink - Amplifying Competitive Edge: EP 059
Episode 5913th February 2023 • The Big Ticket Life • Jeff Giagnocavo
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In this show, Jeff speaks with Kendra Pink, a revenue designer and business systems leader who has a wealth of experience in maximizing valuation and leading companies into international markets, global acquisitions, and public offerings. With training in RevOps and Enablement, Kendra is currently leading Business Systems at Docker, a beloved developer platform, and is the founder of Pink Noise Projects, a revenue design firm that helps for-profit and nonprofit organizations create intended consequences through the value of revenue. 

Join Jeff and Kendra as they delve into Kendra's expertise and learn about the strategies she uses to build and scale resilient infrastructures that drive investment, organizational meaning, and future efficiencies.

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Welcome to The Big Ticket Life where you'll be inspired by driven leaders doing life and business on their terms. They break the rules, they see the opportunities. They've had struggles, they've had highs and lows,  yet they've always remained focused on the goal: a life and business led by themselves on their terms. They're unapologetically focused on their success and the success of those around them. We celebrate success around here because we live The Big Ticket Life.

🦅The Big Ticket Life:

The Big Ticket Method is a way of life and business built around the most fulfilling, exciting, and delivered results you give to your customers when they pay you. It’s about finally running your business 100% on your terms, your way with no apologies to anyone - ever.

Are You a Main Street Business Owner Frustrated With Your Income & Life?

Discover THE Pathway for Life & Business on Your Terms with The Big Ticket Method®

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