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034 Healing the Mother Wound
Episode 3429th April 2024 • The Infinite Potential of Being Human • Nicky Clinch
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Everything in human life begins with Mother. Mother is the core, the root, the creation, the entry point to our relationship with the 3D world, with body, with self and with being a human being. Our relationship with Mother is the most fundamental relationship that we could ever have at all. Yet I haven't yet met or worked with a single human being that doesn't have some unresolved pain around this topic.


So today's episode is on healing the Mother wound - healing our relationship that is incomplete and un-whole with Mother. This is a big and challenging topic, but it is also the gateway to extraordinary healing and our deepest maturation. 

What is Covered: 

-Why it’s essential to complete our relationship with Mother 

-How our relationship with Mother affects our sense of being in this world

-The impact of Mother on our sense of embodiment and the relationship to our physical body and the planet

-The difference between “mother” and “Mother”

-How our unresolved Mother wound manifests in our other relationships

-Gaining more power, freedom and consciousness through healing the Mother wound

-Journaling exercise to explore your relationship with mother


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