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Spencer Greenberg, Founder of Smart Wave
Episode 1425th January 2021 • Startups for Good • Miles Lasater
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Spencer is founder and CEO of Spark Wave, a startup foundry (a.k.a. company builder / startup studio) that creates new software companies from scratch, designed to help solve big problems in the world. He has a PhD in applied math from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU, with his specialty being machine learning (sometimes referred to as “artificial intelligence”). He also has a bachelor of science degree from Columbia University, where he studied applied math and computer science. He has published papers on a variety of topics in applied math, machine learning, mental health and social science.

Spencer joins me today to discuss his founder’s story and the many projects that his company, Spark Wave, are working on. We learn more about Spencer’s take on ethical value and how this drives him in business and life. Spencer shares how his academic background in mathematics influences the work that he does. He also tells about some of the challenges he has encountered, and advice to all inspiring founders. 

“Entrepreneurship is basically the world punching you in the face between 10 and 100 times, and the vast majority of people would give up after a few punches, right?”  - Spencer Greenberg

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • Keeping track of multiple products within a company
  • Products and business idea generation and evaluation
  • What an effective altruist is
  • The type of team involved with a general studio model
  • How to recruit a CEO or co-founder to pair with an idea
  • Spencer’s new podcast - Clearer Thinking with Spencer Greenberg
  • Questions to ask yourself prior to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Net Promoter Score and Dissatisfaction Score and other metrics 

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