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Badass Asian Dudes Gain Respect By Owning Their Shit (ft. Samuel Shin, Asian Men’s Coach)
Episode 359th December 2020 • Badass Asian Dudes • Badass Asian Dudes
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On this episode, Victor talks with Samuel Shin. Samuel was a psychotherapist for 7 years, but left after getting burnt out. He now does life coaching for the Asian-Am community and specifically Asian men. He runs a bi-weekly men's group, and also does individual & group coaching. He has an 8-week group coaching program for men who have left unfulfilling jobs & careers to create a life and income aligned with their passion & purpose. 

[05:55] How did Sam get into men's work?

[12:15] Being a BAD means choosing the uncommon, heart-centered path

[17:15] Sam's journey in developing emotional stability and fulfillment

[32:36] How Sam could help you find purpose

[48:10] The first step to depth, aliveness, and creativity is to just start talking about it

[59:01] What Sam's working on to address these problems

From Samuel about the course...
Thanks, Victor and BAD for letting me promote my course! I don't mention much about it in the interview, so here's more info: Conscious Career Master runs every quarter. It’s an 8-week journey limited to six men who know they have a bigger, heart-centered mission, but are feeling stuck in loops of fear, self-doubt, not feeling ready or good enough (imposter syndrome). These are men who have a vision or even a general direction, but aren't sure what actions to take. Using proven techniques from therapy, meditation & coaching, I help you get clear on your vision, remove mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, and start getting results. 
Contact me to get on the waitlist:
Facebook: @asianshealing
Instagram: @theasiancoach 


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