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Ep. #18 | Entrepreneurship, Psychedelics & Skin Care with Jeremy Gardner
Episode 1827th February 2023 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 18 of The Marc Clair Show, Marc welcomes in entrepreneur Jeremy Gardner to discuss his winding journey that took him from getting arrested 7 times as a teenager to the world of psychedelics, the ups and downs of the crypto space, all the way to where he is now attempting to break the social stigmas around men's mental health and skin care. Along the way Jeremy shares his own thoughts on just what people are connecting to when they use psychedelics. Are they unlocking something within us or connecting us to an external spiritual realm?

In the smoke-filled room bonus segment, Jeremy goes deeper detailing a DMT experience that resulted in a study that is in the process of being undertaken to determine if human minds can indeed connect to each other on another plane in a scientifically provable way.

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