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Am I burning out?
Episode 2615th November 2021 • The Art Of Entrepreneurship • Jackie Hermes
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In today’s Big Questions, Short Answers episode, we are answering a question that most high achievers run into at some point—am I burning out? 

I think we all know when we are on the verge of burning out. After having gone through this myself a number of times and coaching my team members through periods of burnout, I’ve realized that if we are self aware enough, we can identify when we’re approaching it. 

In this episode, we discuss the warning signs of burnout (that many people choose to ignore), and what to do once you identify those signs. Then, we will also talk about some of the coping strategies that have been working for me. If you’re feeling on the verge of burnout, this episode is definitely for you! 

Episode Highlights

01:04 We can identify approaching burnout and when it will happen, and we can do something about it. But most people do not.

02:24 I think we also ignore our physical health when it comes to burnout.

03:54 The strain of managing everyone else’s emotions and all of the changes just turned into not a great situation. I couldn’t even identify the burnout until I was 100% in it.

05:42 Every single day, without fail, I was writing, “it’s OK to take a break.” Your body and mind are telling you that you need a break, so take it and give yourself some grace.

07:11 When my body isn’t recovering as it should, I know that I have to slow down.

07:19 I’ve also found that lowering my expectations during workouts helps prevent burnout.

08:00 I watch my and my team’s capacity at work.

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